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Using animal materials is increasingly complicated and out ofstep with our current societal and environmental concerns. By recovering secondhand pillows, Estelle Garcia Blanco finds a material rich in meaning : recycled waste and an intimate symbolic object.

Throughout a practice characterized by a slow pace, questions emerge. Through the use of upcycled pillows, she questions our intimate connection to a daily object. What connection is then established between the pillow and its feathers? These gestures, in the end, look like to turning the skin of a bird.

This seemingly poor feather, in theory, has proven to be rich in possibilities, giving rise to various substances. When worked on the surface, it becomes a fictional skin with a fur-like appearance. When worked in space, it becomes a hybrid body with all the dreamlike weight that it implies. 


The void suggested by the structure of the mobile recreates the illusion of an invisible skin, an imaginary structure around which the feather unfolds. Upon contact with the air, the mobile comes alive and attempts to reveal the movement of life that inhabits it. The material then becomes its own engine, in every sense of the word.

But above all, the bird, as a poetic animal, appears like the mirror of our ecological concerns and try to give our waste their rightful place.

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