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© Mathilde van Nuffel

After studying fashion in Brussels, Estelle (1995) starts working in the fashion industry as a featherworker in the workshops of the Maison Lemarié (Chanel) in Paris. Then, pursued a Master's degree at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels where she specialized herself in Textile Design.

Since always fascinated by design and craft, she decided to modernize the featherworker craft and its ancestral techniques to propose a new vision of the feathers. She is interested in exploring the delicate frontier between fashion and art. In her work, she only uses upcycled feathers from secondhand pillows.  

Her work oscillates between installation and object and question a society made up of consumption that devours without stopping and thinking. The bird, as a poetic animal, appears like the mirror of our ecological concerns and try to give our waste their rightful place. 


She is one of the winners of the Espronceda Prize delivered by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and laureate of the VOCATIO funds, patronized by BNP Paribas Fortis. After graduation, she also won the Prize of Excellence from the City of Brussels. 

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April, 2025 Galerie Espace-D. Etterbeek, BE
July, 2023 « EfemeraInfinte », curated by Savina Tarsitano at Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture. Barcelona, SP
July, 2023 « Ruta Art Nou », Barcelona emerging Art festival. Barcelona, ES
June, 2022 « Dénouement » Patinoire Royale, Galerie Valérie Bach. Bruxelles, BE
June, 2021 Espace Vanderborght. Brussels, BE

July, 2023 Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture. Barcelona, SP 
Octobre-decembre, 2021 Clinique Vestimentaire - Jeanne Vicerial. Paris, FR


Juillet, 2023 Artist talk at Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture. Barcelona, SP  


2023 Vocatio Prize. Under the mentorship of Catherine de Braekeleer, patronized by BNP Paribas Fortis. Brussels, BE

2022 Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles Prize - aides au revues littéraire ; pour la revue Papier peint Mauvais drap. Brussels, BE
2022 Excellence Prize of the City of Brussels. Brussels, BE
2022 ArBA-EsA – Espronceda Prize : Artistic residency at Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture

Under the mentorship of Savina Tarsitano. During July 2023 in Barcelona, SP


2022 Master Textile Design, Royal Academy of Fine Arts from Brussels, BE 

2020 CAP Plumassière (Apprentice Maison Lemarié, Chanel). Paris, FR

2019 CAP Fleuriste en fleurs artificielles (Apprentice Maison Lemarié, Chanel). Paris, FR

2016 Bachelor Stylisme-modélisme, Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer. Brussels, BE 

2016 École supérieure Felicidad Duce, Erasmus. Barcelona, SP        

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