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Birds from nowhere

"Estelle leads us into the world of our dreams, memories, desires, pains and joys, an

intimacy enclosed in a cage of feathers that accompanies us every night on our journey

in the silence of the dark. A cage that also encloses death, the birds sacrificed to make

our sleep sweeter and softer, a challenge to the beauty of death and sacrifice, to not

forgetting but at the same time giving a new life to a feather, a dream or a memory.


Her ephemeral, delicate, volatile work questions a society made up of consumption that devours without stopping, but also of an intimacy, a search for beauty even in death andsacrifice with an aesthetic poetics in the use of materials. The work becomes ephemeral and volatile and as in the tradition of the native populations of the amazonia, the feathers surround us as a blessing that we are not alone but accompanied by an invisible

being, and the invisible in Estelle's opea becomes visible and as Schneder defined the

melody of the feathers." 

Text by Savina Tarsitano 

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